Conveniently located near ducks!

Meadow Island



Duck Hunting Rates

Half Day

½ hr. before sunrise – back at dock around11:00

2 Person Hunt - $400
3 Person Hunt - $600

Full Day Rates   - Lunch Included

$350 Per Person - 2 person minimum


                                SOMETHING  ****NEW****
          *Overnight at the Bay House*    

          Two, Three or Four Hunters, Meals, Snacks and Drinks (Non-Alcoholic).
​  Morning and afternoon hunts both days.  We will hunt between the Meadowbrook Pkwy Bridge and The Atlantic Beach Bridge.  There is a lot of territory to explore and enjoy.  Good meals, a warm house and conveniently located near ducks.  It can't get any better!          

          We will meet in Bay Park and hunt the west bay for the morning, working our way east towards the Bayhouse and have our lunch.  We can take a short siesta, watch some football and then head out for the afternoon hunt.  Following the days hunt, we will have a nice meal and spend the evening around a warm stove.


           Early the next morning we will have a light breakfast and hunt around the Bayhouse or by Jones Inlet, then return again to have lunch on the deck at the bay.  The view is spectacular and the seals should provide us with entertainment.  Lunch being finished, we will begin our trip back to the dock, stopping to finish the day by hunting until sundown.


           It is so convenient to all of us, the hunting is special and you won't believe you are in Nassau County, Long Island.

Two Hunters $1600.00

Three Hunters $2000.00

​Four Hunters  $2400.00​​
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